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At Brawijaya Dental, our teams of dentists are well-placed to care for all treatment including pedodontics or children dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontic, implant, preventive dentistry, edondontic, operative/conservative dentistry and orthodontic treatment.


  • Restores the normal function of chewing and speech due to loss of teeth and dental tissues
  • Full mouth rehabilitation including crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants


  • Use of braces and mouth appliances to align crooked teeth, ease tooth crowding and correct bite discrepancy


  • Saves diseased tooth from extraction and promote healing and further development of the tooth


  • drg. Ratna Nugraheni
  • drg. Indah Dwinurshanti, Sp.Ort
  • drg. Yeanne Rosseno
  • drg. Wita Eka Mayasari
  • drg. Marciana Elizabeth
  • drg. Lanni Ranti
  • drg. Mirya Mudadalam
  • drg. Jacinta Pipin, SpKGA
  • drg. Dicky Firmansyah, SpBM
  • drg. Wita Eka Mayasari
  • drg. Marciana Elizabeth
  • drg. Ratna Nugraheni