The Brawijaya obstetric & gynecology doctors aim to provide expert care in general obstetric and gynecology. The hospital is committed to a vision of a comprehensive obstetric and gynocology practice that encourages woman to develop a long term relationship with OB/GYN practitioner. Out gynecologist provides general and sub-speciality services for the diagnosis and treatment of a whole spectrum of women's conditions across the stages of a woman's life.


  • General Gynecology
  • Gynecological Oncology
  • Antenatal Care
  • Family Planning
  • Infertility
  • Normal and Hi-risk Pregnancy
  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Early Detection if Gynecological Cancer
  • Gynecology Surgery
  • Assessment of Menopausal Symptoms and Problems
  • Colposcopy
  • Ultrasound (3D/4D)


  • Prof.dr. Nugroho Kampono,SpOG (K) - Oncology & Gynecology Consultant
  • dr. Chamim,SpOG (K) - Oncology & Gynecology Consultant
  • Prof.Dr.dr.med. Ali Baziad,SpOG (K) - Fertility & Imunoendocrinology Consultant
  • dr. Djayadilaga,SpOG (K) - Fertility & Imunoendocrinology Consultant
  • Dr. dr. med Damar Pramusinto, SpOG (K) - Fetomaternal Consultant
  • Dr. dr. Ali Sungkar, SpOG (K) - Fetomaternal Consultant
  • dr. Nurwansyah,SpOG - Fetomaternal Consultant
  • dr. Amru Harahap,SpOG
  • dr. Diana Mauria Ratna Asih,SpOG
  • dr. Luky Satria,SpOG
  • dr. UF Bagazi,SpOG
  • dr. Dewi Prabarini,SpOG
  • dr. Krisna Murti,SpOG
  • dr. Zulkarnaen Hamid,SpOG
  • dr. Prima Progestian, SpOG
  • dr. Eva Roria,SpOG
  • dr. Diah Irawati,SpOG
  • dr. Benny Johan, SpOG
  • dr. Tirsa Verani K. Oroh, SpOG
  • dr. Rama Tjandra, SpOG
  • dr. Musa, SpOG
  • dr. Novan Satya Pamungkas, SpOG
  • dr. Dinda Derdameisya, SpOG
  • Prof. dr. H. Mahyuddin NS, SpOG (K)