Brawijaya Physiotherapy are professional physiotherapist (trained by expart & international certificate on manual technique) with specialized hands-on clinical skill highly trained will assess and diagnose your condition, then specific plan for each patient to ensure the best possible treatment and care. also work in partnership with Doctors and other health professionals to help you reach the maximum potential health.

Using more techniques of manual therapy ( spinal manipulation, joint manipulation, tapping ) education, lifestyle advice, soft tissue techniques, and electro-physical modalities


1. Hands On Pain Management

(Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Knee pain)

2. Post surgery rehabilitation

(Treatment after orthopaedic surgery)

3. Manual Sport Physiotherapy

(Runners, Golfer pain, Sport Performance)

4. Postural Awareness for Corporate

(Postural check and healthtalk for company)

5. Pre Natal & Post Natal Physiotherapy Care

(Back pain during pregnancy, neck pain, get back in shape after delivery)

6. Lympathic Drainage Massage



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